Do you want to find out more about research into reading for pleasure and well-being? Try these links (which we will update as we find more) / A ydych eisiau darganfod mwy am ymchwil ym maes darllen ar gyfer pleser a llesiant? Rhowch gynnig ar y dolenni canlynol (byddwn yn diweddaru’r rhain wrth i ni ddarganfod mwy ohonynt):


Readaxation Explained by Nicola Morgan

The latest research from The Literacy Trust – on Children, Reading, and Wellbeing.

A chapter a day: Association of book reading with longevity – (proper academic journal article! We have access to it.)

Reading for pleasure builds empathy and improves wellbeing, research from The Reading Agency finds –

Megan’s story: ‘Books are my treatment’ – (bit of personal testimony)

Raifa Rafiq: Just how helpful is reading for depression? (A reminder that books can help but mental ill-health needs professional help)